Video presentation services

Let me present your information in an HD TV News Studio

I started work as a bulletin news reader for BBC TV in the 1980’s, when TV cameras still were proud to be “in colour”! (and I had more hair) Today, as well as offering voiceover recording services, I also offer “in-vision” presentation, using the chromakey Virtual Studio system. I offer full broadcast quality HD sound and vision – you own all rights. I have many years’ experience as a broadcast presenter for both BBC & ITV Granada news and all I need from you is your script as text or Word, guidelines as to style and pace, and details of unusual pronunciations or acronyms. Of course, let me know what to wear. Please provide a background as an HD still or video…or I can provide a variety of general backgrounds, see below. Maybe you need the raw Chromakey footage to edit yourself – no problem. As I have to hire the TV studio, autocue and the video editor it is more expensive than voiceover rates. I can offer up to 2 minutes for £100, or 5 minutes worth of in-vision presentation (say cut up into 5 x 1 minute reads) and this is for £300 GBP or equivalent currency. (PayPal accepted) You will get HD 720 Mp4 files or full HD1080 Mp4 files if required. (Other videos formats available such as Windows Media for Powerpoint, etc.) If you request the audio as wav files as well, that is also no problem.

I started work as a bulletin reader

Please provide your script with the directions as you would normally for voiceover – style, pace, attitude, etc.

For in-vision projects, tell me what to wear and what backgrounds you’d like. Give me captions and overlay pictures if required and your company logo. We can edit them all in for you – no problem! My colleagues and I are very experienced in Adobe Premiere Pro software.

Background Choices

What do you want me to wear?

It’s up to you.  Select one of my many formal outfits, with or without waistcoat, or ask me to be casual.

If you’d like me to represent your company, you are also welcome to send me your uniform!

Peter Baker Voiceover Reviews
Submitted a script in the night and got the perfect voice over by morning.  I will include him in future projects.  Excellent work.
We got the draft voiceover the very same day we ordered the job, and completed it on day 2. He listened well to our instructions and delivered quality work.
Responsive and professional. I Will work with him again and again! Thank you, Peter!
Peter is 100% awesome with everything. I gave him one round of revision notes and he changed them perfectly - he understands how to really make something sound great.
Great work. Just hiring him for the next job since my client loved his voice so much! =)
Mr Baker met my expectations and exceeded them! Definitely hope to work together again soon.
Peter was professional and easy to work with. It was a seamless process and the voiceover was top quality!
Great voiceover work, quick response, studio quality. The result was exactly what we needed.
Now I understand why Peter is already getting a lot of attention from the creative community. Simply because he is the best for the best rates.
Peter sent me my first recording in under an hour, I couldn't believe it. I requested a minor change and he had another recording back to me almost at once.
Peter delivered quickly and was fast at responding to requested changes, even to mistakes in the script. Excellent end result!
I have been through so many voice actors that I was about to give up. Now I have given up looking, because I found Peter Baker.
Peter was really wonderful, I can't imagine how much he is fast and perfect, I highly recommend you to chose his service.
Peter was fantastic to work with and a great flexible voice. Professional, accommodating, and super talented!