Hiring an experienced professional like myself will add value to your project. Make use of my many years of broadcast and advertising experience to receive fast delivery of professionally recorded audio files with all rights paid for in all media. Voiceover rates are generally determined by script duration, where it is to be used, for how long and the amount of editing required.

If you have a long-term project or multiple scripts, I am always open to offering a good deal for you. I am very reliable and am pleased to receive many excellent testimonials from clients who use my services regularly.



  •  All rights in all non-broadcast media for ever (Internet OK)
  • Fast delivery of audio files – usually same day (UK time)
  • Script preparation, such as researching pronunciations
  • Recording and studio time
  • Editing of mistakes and major breaths
  • Audio level and sibilance optimisation to industry standard -3 dB
  • Uploading to a fast, secure server for you to download
  • Unlimited re-takes – even if your client’s script changes!

For BROADCAST TV and RADIO use – Please contact me direct


As an experienced professional voiceover, what sort of projects do you record? I record a wide variety of material, including training video scripts and podcasts, audio books, commentaries for documentaries or corporate videos, web promotions, tourist audio guides, radio, TV & cinema commercials, exhibition videos, English versions of non-English films, even transport station announcements! I can voice Standard (BBC) English, “International” English or Mid-Atlantic; there are audio samples on this site both on the HOME page and on the SAMPLES page.

What do you need sent from clients before you record?

– A script, which is fully checked, please, especially if it has been translated into English. Read it aloud yourself…does it make sense; is the grammar correct? If English is not your first language, I will happily check this for free and make changes with your permission. Are there any difficult or unusual pronunciations such as people’s names or place names I won’t be able to find out the pronunciation of? Please write these words out phonetically for me please, send me www.Forvo.com links, www.HowjSay.com links or why not send me mp3 files with you reading the word(s) slowly and clearly.

  • What style do you need from me? Please listen to the voice samples and let me know.
  • Is time an issue in your script? Do I have to get everything into a set exact time? If so, please mark this clearly on the script.

How quick is the turnaround time?

Unless you’d like me to record with another voice such as my female partner, Katy Brody, usually the same day and in under 4 hours, Imy engineer and I are often in the studio 7 days a week, (although I have been known to take short holidays!) with files sent by e-mail for by a large secure file transfer service. If there are any problems with the recording, technically or editorially, I will re-record at the soonest opportunity, at of course, no extra cost. You can direct me via video Skype if you like Skypename: peter,baker

What studio equipment have you got?

I have a broadcast quality soundproofed studio in the United Kingdom with 2 Neumann U87 microphones, a Neumann TLM 103, a Yamaha O1V96VCM digital mixer, 2 Marantz Professional Digital Recorders and I edit the recordings using Adobe Audition software. You can have files as either large.wav or .aiff files or .mp3 files at any data rate…most clients who want mp3s ask for 128kb or 320kb/sec, but it’s up to you. People usually choose the mp3 option if it’s for direct uploading to a website, Powerpoint use or for a phone answering service. The larger wav or aiff files are better for smooth video editing or for mixing with other files. I also use a variety of other professional studios around the UK. I’m also a BBC trained video editor as well if you need me to sync up my voiceover with your video – please ask for details!

Voiceover Recording Studio
Peter Baker Voiceover Reviews
Great voiceover work, quick response, studio quality. The result was exactly what we needed.
Mr Baker met my expectations and exceeded them! Definitely hope to work together again soon.
Peter sent me my first recording in under an hour, I couldn't believe it. I requested a minor change and he had another recording back to me almost at once.
Peter delivered quickly and was fast at responding to requested changes, even to mistakes in the script. Excellent end result!
I have been through so many voice actors that I was about to give up. Now I have given up looking, because I found Peter Baker.
Peter was fantastic to work with and a great flexible voice. Professional, accommodating, and super talented!
Peter was really wonderful, I can't imagine how much he is fast and perfect, I highly recommend you to chose his service.
Submitted a script in the night and got the perfect voice over by morning.  I will include him in future projects.  Excellent work.
Peter was professional and easy to work with. It was a seamless process and the voiceover was top quality!
Responsive and professional. I Will work with him again and again! Thank you, Peter!
Great work. Just hiring him for the next job since my client loved his voice so much! =)
Peter is 100% awesome with everything. I gave him one round of revision notes and he changed them perfectly - he understands how to really make something sound great.
Now I understand why Peter is already getting a lot of attention from the creative community. Simply because he is the best for the best rates.
We got the draft voiceover the very same day we ordered the job, and completed it on day 2. He listened well to our instructions and delivered quality work.