Katy Brody

Katy Brody Voice Artist
Download mp3s and Katy Brody Photos:  https://we.tl/92IGJtoq27
  1. Showreel Katy Brody 0:51
  2. Character Voices Katy Brody 0:56
My audio recording studio is shared by the excellent Katy Brody, who has a crystal clear voice with a slight Northern UK accent. She is a voice artist, actress and in-vision TV presenter.  A very talented, versatile and friendly performer for personality and comedy character voices as well as straight serious corporate reads. If you ever need both a great male and female voice team working together, please get in touch. Katy is an experienced in-vision presenter and can play many types of parts and characters – she is also an experienced Make Up Artist. Please contact her direct for details of her availability: katyannebrody@gmail.com