1. CARICATURE SHOWREEL Peter Baker 1:50
  2. DRAMATIC SHOWREEL Peter Baker 2:01

Video games are a worldwide phenomenon, and is arguably now a bigger industry than movie production.  From the early days of simple arcade fare, games are now incredibly sophisticated thanks to giant leaps forward in computer processing power, RAM, video displays and other associated technologies.  The gameplay and production values in many top games are also much more sophisticated with play-in random elements and the apparent customisation of cut scenes leading to a very personal and realistic experience for the game player, even if they play the same sections again and again.

The sophistication has led to game soundtracks involving multiple voice actors playing a myriad of characters, recording many hundreds or thousands of lines. I’ve played many parts for various leading game companies in countries including Russia, China, Italy and Hungary.  My parts have included soldiers, doctors, police inspectors, librarians, wizards and talking rabbits!

Please download for your files my three game showreels.  The “Narration” showreel features one of my voice styles as an introduction to a fantasy game.  Other voice styles are available; please check out the commercial showreels on my home page.   The “Dramatic” showreel features serious acting clips with my voice as all the characters. Finally, the “Caricature” showreel features comedy voices aimed at a younger audience with various stereotypes mixed together, and again, I play all the parts.

My studio is fully broadcast quality and I pride myself on fast turnarounds if required.  All my fees include full buy out with no royalties related to future game sales.  Try me out and ask me to audition for any suitable parts!

Contact Peter Baker :

+44 7831 231 869