CV / Resume

I have been an independent professional voiceover for over 30 years covering a wide range of outputs.  I have worked as a presenter on live TV and radio at Piccadilly Key 103 in Manchester,  BBC Points West News in Bristol and ITV Granada as well as being the narrator of various broadcast programmes and strands as well as a wide variety of other VO work,  but since 2005, I have been a freelance full-time professional voiceover with my own broadcast quality studio in England, which is used for recording master recordings directed via ipDTL / ISDN or Skype, also useful for recording custom demos for agencies and direct clients before any session at their own studio.

You can see a selection of my TV commercials, corporate films and documentaries with my narration on my home page.  I am very experienced audio editor using Adobe Audition, and also an experienced video editor with Adobe Premiere Pro (BBC and ITV Granada trained and experienced) so I can sync my voice to existing commercials and films to get the timings correct and export master HD video files if required.

1975 – 1982  Piccadilly Radio, Manchester – Presenter, In-House voiceover
1982 –  1988  BBC TV, Bristol – News and Features presenter & voiceover
1988 – 2005  ITV Granada, Manchester – Presenter, Voiceover, Producer, Director also radio programmes for KEY 103, Signal Radio, Great North Radio, BBC Radio Manchester
2005 – present  Freelance international voiceover and in-vision presenter

Some clients: Samsung, Microsoft, MSC Cruises, Lego, Volvo, Samsung,  BBC, Siemens, BMW, Rádio e Televisão de Portugal, VW, Pepsico, Jaguar USA, Arcadis, McDonald’s, HPI, Chomp Casino, Hovis, Regus, Linde, Virgin Media, Tata, Linde, Premier Foods, Unison, Blackberry, Bank of Cardiff, Bunzl…


Peter Baker is a full-time British voice talent with his own broadcast quality studio and was for many years a BBC news bulletin presenter, so he certainly enjoys the freedom that VO works gives him.  “In my life, one moment, you’re a straight and sober announcer of a corporate video, then you’re mega-enthusiastic for a TV spot, and next you’re a crazed wizard on the path of revenge in some bizarre video game.” says Peter, obviously relishing the variety of work that comes in.  “VO work sure beats reading farming weather news on local radio!”  Peter Baker’s deep and resonant tones are available daily and he is always up to record custom auditions for your project.

Professional voiceovers are in great demand for events, conferences, car launches and award ceremonies, adding the extra shine to the occasion, announcing speakers, linking the sections or calling award winners on stage, or needed simply to announce when it is time for a new performance or presentation to begin.

Peter has been booked many times over the years for events such as these as a so called “Voice Of God” or VOG announcer.  Usually, he is sent a script and his studio outputs various announcements as separate files to be triggered by the events technical crew at the right moment.

For some events, in particular award ceremonies, he is booked to physically be on a microphone behind the scenes to speak the announcements live, rather than have th announcements pre-recorded.

The reason for this, even though it is a more expensive option, is that quite often the running schedule changes at the last minute, new announcements are required on the night, people called to come up on stage are simply not there, or fall over drunk on their way to the stage, so Peter’s background as a live radio and TV announcer / presenter comes to the fore so he can ad-lib when required or hit precise split-second timings on a live talk-over video.

Peter has also worked with unpredictable comedians on stage – in the last year this has included comedians Jason Manford and Paddy McGuiness for the huge Virgin Media staff awards ceremonies, and they often need the “straight man” of the VOG to play against throughout the event.

Contact Peter Baker :

+44 7831 231 869